Unexpected captures

Have you ever left the house thinking to yourself "Perhaps I should take the camera?" but decide to leave it anyway?  Sods law, the time you don't bother to take it with you, is the time when something amazing happens and you have nothing to capture it with.  Lately I've tried to get in the habit of taking my camera out with me just as I would my mobile phone.

When it comes to walking the dogs, I usually decide to leave the camera out of the equation!  There are times when I think it's the dogs walking me and not the other way around.  But on this particular day England was engulfed in thick fog.  It had been something I wanted to capture for a while.  Early mornings can yield some low lying mist, but when it comes to getting up early on a weekend, the snooze button generally wins.

I needed a good walk, the dog needed a good walk so I decided to brave the combo and see what happens.  I left home with no expectations of getting any good shots.  It was more about testing out a polarizing filter that I've had laying around for months, although I don't feel it had much use on this trip.

The thick fog around Hadleigh Country Park was both creepy and enchanting at the same time.  I felt like I could be in a Bram Stoker novel and Count Dracula was going to swoop down at any moment. Alas the only sinister thing that happened were a herd of cows that suddenly materialized in the distance.  Dogs and cows aren't a great mix so I back tracked the moment I clocked them, but that wasn't before I had taken a mass of shots during my walk.

To warm up the images and strengthen the autumn colours I dropped in a picture of some red and orange berries and applied a strong gaussian blur.  I then set the blending mode to overlay and opacity between 20% and 40% depending on the image.  I also used dodging and burning to enhance the light and shadow areas and overall I think it worked out well. What were your unexpected captures? Share them in the comments below!