It's been a while since I've posted a blog, mainly because I've been so busy with work, university assignments and an amazing trip to Burning Man over in the US.  I've kinda decided that for the moment I'll post when I have something to say or share, rather than just try and get content out on a weekly basis, content for contents sake as it were.  

A few weeks back I planed out a project for a uni assignment where we had to work in low light.  The brief was quite loose in that it should be taken on the street in documentary style.  I opted to create a staged narrative, that way I could control most of the elements.  Time permitting I would have liked to have had a mixture of models, but as it was over Christmas I was lucky to find someone willing to go out in the cold and dark to stand around while I took pictures of them.

In my visual research I came across images by Mesashi Wakui who has such amazing play of light, colour and atmosphere.  It was something to aspire to, but I knew right off the bat that I just didn't have locations which were going to offer similar visual treats.  I turned to the work of Troy Paiva. Here the simple use of flash and exposure coupled with coloured gels made for some really interesting images.  I felt I could use some of these techniques in my own work for this project.

The night was cold and misty, the later adding a little more interest to the shoot.  In some of the scenes, such as under the street lamps I enhanced the light on the subject using a small softbox with a grid, to help reduce the spread of light coupled with a CTO 1/4 gel.  This was to help balance the temperature of the flash and ambient light. I think it worked really well and it's the first time I've used gels in this way.

Only two images were composites, removing myself from the frame holding the flash.  The rest of the images I processed in Capture One to add a subtle colour tone, set white balance from the grey card we used and to crop down.  Overall I'm really pleased with the overall aesthetic I was able to achieve.